Escrow Buddy: A Tool for Escrowing Missing FileVault Recovery Keys | JNUC 2023

Uncover the prowess of Escrow Buddy, an open-source tool, in managing FileVault recovery keys with Elliot Jordan of Netflix.

Discover 'Escrow Buddy', an innovative open-source tool designed for Mac IT and security administrators handling FileVault personal recovery keys escrow to their MDM. With Elliot Jordan from Netflix, learn about the common issues of missing FileVault recovery keys, and the limitations of existing workflows. See how Escrow Buddy seamlessly generates and escrows a new key during the standard macOS login process for Macs lacking a valid recovery key. Using Netflix’s extensive managed Macs fleet as a case study, understand how Escrow Buddy strikes a balance between information security and user convenience, making recovery key management a breeze. Whether you are a developer or not, learn how you can easily deploy Escrow Buddy in your organization and enhance your Mac security infrastructure.