eSpark and JAMF: Reducing Workload While Increasing Investment in Schools

Ideal for Education audiences. The demand for customized learning in our classrooms is becoming necessary as our current educational system, and the learners we serve evolves. Additional software programs and lists of apps that need to be installed on student devices can be daunting, especially for a small school district. eSpark is a tool that measures what math standards each learner has mastered, the engagement level of apps and digital content used, as well as quiz growth. Pequea Valley School District, located in southeastern Pennsylvania, uses eSpark to customize math instruction for our K-2 iPad learners. eSpark allows us to greatly limit the amount of time we spend managing devices and apps, and instead focus our time on supporting our young learners with the best tools available for success. Come learn how eSpark and Pequea Valley School District use Jamf to easily manage and deploy eSpark content.