How Jamf Does Community: Inside and Out | JNUC 2023

Learn all about the art of community building in a digital setting with Jamf experts.

The essence of community and organizational culture is often challenged in our expanding digital domain. Establishing robust internal teams and nurturing a company's culture not only enriches the work environment but also amplifies the value delivered to end users, eventually boosting the financial outlook. Similarly, fostering a sense of community among your customer base significantly uplifts customer satisfaction and loyalty. At Jamf, we've curated a successful blueprint over the years for both internal and external engagement. In this enlightening session, we'll unfold the methods of cultivating a heartfelt community within Jamf, and how we extend this warmth to our Jamf Nation Community and beyond. Attendees will be introduced to the essential 3 Cs of community, explore cost-effective resources readily available for user engagement and learn how Jamf intertwines its values in all community-building endeavors.