How the ASPCA Taught Old iPhones New Tricks

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See how the ASPCA was able to solve two important issues using iPads and Jamf Pro.

New tricks for iOS.

The ASPCA, has to stretch resources and be creative if they're going to fulfill their mission of improving and saving the lives of animals. Through two use cases, this video illustrates how even a Jamf rookie can start reaping the rewards of this MDM solution. In the first use case, in an effort to go paperless and improve efficiency when working with the public, they share how their IT team was able to help through Jamf Pro, Docusign and several iPads. In the second use case, ASPCA shows how they solved a request from a local Animal Hospital to improve communications and reduce overhead paging - using Jamf. Spending almost no money, IT dramatically changed the landscape of how employees at the Animal Hospital work by giving them easy access to internal resources and reducing overhead paging.