How We BYO @ Jamf | JNUC 2023

Explore the journey of Jamf's IT department in implementing Account-Driven User Enrollment (ADUE) to boost the BYOD program.

Join Emily Kausalik and Mitch Francese from Jamf's IT department as they discuss implementing Account-Driven User Enrollment (ADUE) to enhance the BYOD program at Jamf. In this session, you'll learn about:

-Federating Apple Business Manager with Azure and Okta

-Configuring Jamf Pro for a seamless ADUE onboarding

-Deploying core business applications via Self Service

-Utilizing Jamf Trust for per-app VPN to secure corporate data on personal devices

Discover how ADUE, centered around user privacy, is transforming the way employees access corporate resources on their personal devices, and how you can adopt similar practices in your organization for a secure and transparent BYOD experience.