iPhone for Nursing Care

Watch this video to hear Marc Sylwestrzak, IS Experience and Development Director of UC San Diego Health (UCSD), discuss their initial smartphone deployment with Android and why they made the switch to iPhone to improve their audio and wifi quality with Jamf iOS management.

During the 2018 Jamf Nation User Conference, Jamf Healthcare Lead, Adam Mahmud and Marc Sylwestrzak IS Experience and Development Director of UC San Diego Health (UCSD), sat down and discussed how they’re using smart phones for clinical communications. Slywestrzak discussed how they initially began with an Android deployment, but faced many issues including wifi and poor audio quality. To mitigate these risks, they began testing iPhone and found immediate success.

Next, Mahmud asks Slywestrzak about Jamf's recently launched iOS apps- Jamf Setup and Jamf Reset and if he sees value for them with their latest iPhone deployment. Slywestrzak excitedly agrees that he sees value is these new solutions “we can deploy a bank of phones they can grab, identify their role and floor and use that device and then the next staff member or nurse comes along and they can identify their role and the phone will be ready for them”.

Jamf Setup empowers people to provision devices for their own purpose. It enables a shared device for any workflow, where the end user selects the configuration appropriate to their role Jamf Reset provides a simplified reset process, where a user can initiate a wipe easily and be confident their data was securely erased. To learn more about these iOS apps visit our shared device management page.