IT Works All Summer So Teachers Don’t Have To

The window for making large-scale changes to our Mac and iOS devices has been closing for years. With summer school, longer school years and special programs creeping into the change cycle, IT is left sometimes with just one or two weeks to get all of the large-scale changes done. So, we work through spring break and the beginning of the summer building images and testing. Then, we spend the rest of the summer fixing the things we just broke. Or do we? We have to bring thousands of devices into a warehouse and reimage them every summer. Or do we? How are modern large districts dealing with carts, 1:1 devices and fall upgrades that could cause all of our devices to break during the first couple of weeks of school? In this session, we’ll look at how two districts deal with changes, cooling-off periods, imaging, upgrades, and all the fun things that go into large-scale Apple deployments!