Mac in the Enterprise: a CIO’s Perspective by the Numbers | JNUC 2023

Discover Cisco's successful implementation of an employee choice program featuring Macs, enhancing productivity, satisfaction, and security.

Fletcher Previn, SVP and CIO at Cisco, presented at JNUC about Cisco's enhanced employee choice program, highlighting the significant impact on employee satisfaction and business efficiency. The program, analyzed across Cisco’s global workforce, revealed a preference for Macs, with 60% of employees choosing Mac over PC.

This shift to Mac in the enterprise is echoed in IDC's study, projecting a similar trend. The program demonstrated that employee preference for devices correlates with increased productivity. Cisco's data indicated a 33% reduction in IT support required for Mac users, and significant performance improvements in sales and software engineering teams using Macs.

Moreover, employees using both Mac and iPhone reported an 83% satisfaction rate with IT support, underscoring the benefits of the integrated Apple ecosystem. From a business perspective, the program yielded enhanced security and cost savings. Mac users encountered fewer cyber threats and virus issues, with a higher adoption of biometrics for security.

Despite Macs' higher initial cost, Cisco's analysis showed them to be more cost-effective over three years. The company’s open-source Total Cost Ownership (TCO) calculator, developed for internal use, has been made available to the industry, assisting others in evaluating the cost benefits of Mac in enterprise environments.

Cisco's employee choice program, supported by tools like Jamf Pro, is part of its mission to empower employees, achieving increased security, productivity, and satisfaction.