Moving to Cloud Only? What About Certs? Yes We Can!

During this session, we welcome everyone to join in the journey of enlightenment for your organization's move to a cloud-only organization without its own infrastructure.

One of the obstacles we hear quite often is a concern around certs. Do you still need a certificate authority (CA)? Yes, you most certainly do, even in a time where hybrid work becomes the norm. A common misconception however is that this CA needs to be on-premise or self-hosted and guarded with its beloved firewalls. That is most certainly not the case. In this session, we look at two 100% cloud-based solutions that we can implement with the help of Jamf Pro.

1) SCEPman: A slim and resource-friendly solution to issue and validate certificates using SCEP. It is an Azure Web App providing the SCEP protocol and works directly with the Microsoft Graph and Intune API. SCEPman uses an Azure Key Vault-based Root CA and certificate creation.

2) SecureW2: SecureW2 offers a new and modern all-in-one PKI/radius solution cloud-hosted of course.

We will cover the ease of implementation and use during the session, and close off with a comparison between the two.