Pairing Jamf Pro with Okta Workflows to Automate Mac Management Tasks | JNUC 2023

Learn how to streamline Mac management using Jamf API and Okta Workflows for efficient device handling and IT solutions in this insightful session.

At the JNUC 2023 session, IT Engineer Ohad Oliver from Pendo presented innovative ways to automate Mac management using Jamf API in conjunction with Okta Workflows. Okta Workflows, known for its low-code automation capabilities and extensive connector library, enables seamless integration with the Jamf API. This integration offers a range of customizations, from using the Jamf Connector with built-in actions to completely custom API connectors.

Pendo leverages this integration to enhance their IT solutions. Key implementations include enforcing regular check-ins for computers, associating computers with Okta users, and updating Jamf computer records during offboarding processes. The regular check-in enforcement addresses the issue of computers missing their Jamf check-ins. Solutions involve prompting users to run a Self-Service policy after a set period or raising an IT support ticket if the check-in is missed.

In associating computers with Okta users, Pendo's solution automates the update of Jamf assets on their web portal during computer enrollment, saving significant time and resources. For offboarded users, Pendo developed a system to mark computers as inactive, which helps in excluding them from ongoing automations and thus avoiding false alerts. This process is triggered by Okta account deactivation, leading to an automatic update in the computer's status in Jamf records.

Oliver's presentation detailed these solutions, explaining the structure of each automation, the role of Jamf webhooks, and the importance of maintaining data integrity within Okta Workflows. This session provided valuable insights into the practical application of integrating Okta Workflows with Jamf API, demonstrating the efficiency and effectiveness of these tools in automating Mac management in a corporate environment.