Preparing for the Road Ahead: Documenting Your Casper Suite Setup

Have you ever started a new job without a clue where to actually start? Not everyone writes a “If I Get Hit by a Bus” document before leaving their position, which makes it awfully difficult for someone to step into their shoes. Today’s JNUC session presenter, Rich Trouton, recognizes this less-than-ideal circumstance, and discussed how to prevent it from happening in your workplace by providing proper documentation. It can be a largely manual process – yes. So it begs the question: Why document?

Trouton offered a convincing answer. “One reason for me is that I like to take vacations,” he said smiling. Trouton then showed a photo of the ocean. It was his beautiful, thousands-of-miles-from-anywhere view. “My internet connection was both slow and expensive, which focused my priorities toward using my expensive internet time to post photos to Facebook and away from checking my work email.”

But how was he able to easily disconnect from work? Easy. He left behind documentation that covered what to do in case of emergencies, along with outlining his day-to-day tasks.