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Watch this video for an enterprise journey to delighting users, reducing cycle time and improving employee performance through an Apple employee choice program that empowers users.

If your employees are the #1 asset of your company, are you giving them what they want?

According to Nuance, 67 percent of workers prefer self-service over speaking to a company representative. The desire for choice is part of a larger trend where employees yearn for an increased level of autonomy in the workplace. Users are starting to demand choice because it’s simple and it works. But the challenge is that the enterprise stakeholders want a low-cost, secure solution that can work within their existing infrastructure.

Apple helped Wipro rethink what’s possible. It’s not just about the ease of deployment, it’s how you get people in your company to say “yes” to offering choice. The challenge for organizations is to create a culture that embraces change in order to remain relevant in today’s ever-changing marketplace.

Employee choice is just good business. The longer you wait, the longer you put off the benefits.

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