The Art of Scaling a JSS

Whether you’re expanding from 1,000 devices to 20,000 or just looking to add another 200, in today’s session, Jamf product experts, Douglas Worley and Steve Welgoss, shared what it takes to scale a JSS, including discussing the right architecture needed for different environments and the tools necessary to get there.

With a total of 10 years at Jamf under their belts, Worley and Welgoss have seen a number of large deployments, including some commonalities in the ones that went well.

“You can think of the architecture here kind of like a Fusion Drive in your iMac,” Worley explained. “Just like how a Fusion drive has a flash buffer to go along with the faster/slower spinning platter disk, memcached will provide a really fast read/write buffer pool to share recent transactions with the other Jamf web servers.” Of course, there’s more to come!