You Want Secure Wi-Fi? Tell Me More… | JNUC 2023

Laurent and Andrew, seasoned Professional Services Engineers at Jamf, decode the realm of enterprise Wi-Fi security. Learn more.

Wi-Fi security is hard…

First off, you’ve got all the acronyms. Do you need WPA-personal or WPA-enterprise? PSK or 802.1x? EAP-TLS or PEAP?

Do you need a certificate or domain credentials? Where’s the certificate going to come from?

Join Laurent and Andrew on a journey through enterprise Wi-Fi . They’ll help you understand how the most common setups work to help you decide which is best for your organization. This would be a great session to attend for any Jamf admin as it will help them to speak knowledgeably with their network and security teams about the robust Wi-Fi deployment options available through Jamf Pro.

- Learn about the types of Wi-Fi networks we can deploy using Jamf Pro.

- Learn about certificate based Wi-Fi authentication workflows (SCEP, ADCS).

- Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of different methods of 802.1x certificate deployment.

- Learn about the common workflows that Jamf Professional Services engineers encounter.

This session will be presented in the format of a conversation between a Jamf Professional Services Engineer and a customer.

Laurent is a Senior Professional Services Engineer based in Paris, France. He has been an Apple Certified Trainer for 12 years as well as a Mac admin. He has been with Jamf since early 2015.

Andrew is a Senior Professional Services Engineer based in the UK. He specializes in MDM migration workflows and has been with Jamf since mid-2019.