Unified Ecosystem Management - Delivering a Better Enterprise Experience

Microsoft and Jamf explain how to best manage your hardware and software.

The world runs on multiple devices. Users most likely have personal and corporate computers, phones and tablets, and now more than ever, they want an interconnected ecosystem experience across their technology. When you look at the enterprise, the two dominant, fastest growing ecosystems in business are Microsoft and Apple.

To manage and secure your organization while providing a great productivity experience, you need a management solution that is keeping up with each ecosystem and the modern workplace. Microsoft and Jamf, the solutions most customers use and love, are integrated to do just that.

Microsoft and Jamf partnered to create a guide on how organizations can streamline IT workflows and deliver a better user experience — regardless of which platform they choose.

Download now and learn how to:

  • Eliminate multiple inventory reports and enjoy a single pane of glass view of your entire Microsoft and Mac environment
  • Leverage the power of conditional access to ensure only trusted users on trusted devices are accessing Office 365 and other cloud-based services
  • Identify and remediate any non-compliant Mac computers, all without hands-on work from IT
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