Creating a modern classroom at El Paso Independent School District

See how El Paso Independent School District leveled the academic playing field for students by rolling out 27,000 MacBook Air laptops.

February 14 2019 by

Jeni Asaba

Weaving through the Franklin Mountains and skirting along the Rio Grande River, on the border of Mexico, the El Paso Independent School District (EPISD) addresses issues of socioeconomic inequality and traditional teaching practices with the same solution — technology. Recognizing the uniqueness of each of their 58,000 students, the district created a program that understands the importance of providing all students with equal educational opportunities, while also ensuring their education is rooted in quality teaching.

In the summer of 2017, the district turned to Apple for a solution that would allow them to fulfill this vision. Over the subsequent two years, they distributed more than 27,000 MacBook Air laptops to every student, grades six through 11, in the district. Superintendent, Juan Cabrera, said the switch from HP to Apple laptops was an essential piece of the district’s overall puzzle — getting every student a device that would ensure they had the best learning experience possible.

He said, “One of the reasons we made sure every child, regardless of their ZIP code or financial situation, was able to receive a laptop was because of equity. We wanted to make sure this playing field was completely leveled for every child in the district, and that’s why we gave them MacBooks.”

Knowing this new Apple deployment would need a powerful management solution, the district looked to Apple for resources. Apple pointed to Jamf. Jose Sanchez, the district’s system support analyst was pleased. “I think it is important to have something as good as Jamf Pro at your hands, because managing devices is very difficult, especially when you have a large enterprise.”

While the district continues to evaluate their MacBook program for middle and high school students, 
they’re also starting discussions on how device standardization can be achieved across the elementary schools. “We’re confident that not only will MacBooks prepare students for life here at EPISD, but they will also make a tremendous difference for our children after high school,” Cabrera said. “So having these devices in their hands early on is about improving their present and future opportunities.”

To learn more about El Paso Independent School District, and how they create equity that’s fueled by 21st century teaching techniques and Apple technology, read the full case study.

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