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September 11, 2018 by Daniel Weber

Everything you need to prepare for Apple OS upgrades

See what new management features will be coming with macOS Mojave, iOS 12 and tvOS 12, and discover streamlined workflows for updating your Mac, iPad, iPhone and Apple TV devices to the latest operating systems.

macOS Mojave, iOS 12 and tvOS 12 are heading to a device near you. If you’re an IT admin, your job is simple. Get these new features into the hands of users, all without disrupting workflows or slowing down productivity.

No problem, right? To ensure that it isn’t, we’ve put together a simple guide to help you successfully update your devices — regardless if it’s your first, fifth of fifteenth operating system (OS) upgrade season.

Download the guide now to get started or read on for more OS upgrade information.

Why upgrade in the first place?

Reduce security vulnerabilities. Old software versions are always less secure. It’s in an organization’s best interest to empower and encourage users to upgrade their devices.

Keep users happy. Apple users expect to be able to successfully update their device(s) the day a new operating system becomes available. With day-zero support, you ensure this expectation is met.

Keep users productive. The latest operating systems introduce new features that support greater efficiency and productivity. When you don’t have true day-zero support, you inhibit users from taking advantage of helpful functionality.

What is day-zero support?

Day-zero support is defined as the ability for users to upgrade their device operating systems without impacting critical IT workflows. Uninterrupted workflows are the bare minimum for day-zero support.

In addition to general compatibility with Apple operating systems, Jamf has a storied history of releasing new product functionality to give IT administrators the ability to take advantage of the latest Apple configurations with new workflows.

Read this blog for more information on our day-zero stance.

What IT features will be available with macOS Mojave?

Software update deferral
A configuration profile is available for IT admins who want to defer software updates on a Mac for up to 90 days. This allows IT to test critical applications after a new OS is generally available.

OAuth support for Exchange
Apple has added OAuth support for Microsoft Exchange. This provides a modern way of authenticating to Exchange accounts. IT admins will be able to enforce this whenever users are setting up their email accounts for the first time. Also available with iOS 12.

Password restrictions
Ability to restrict AutoFill passwords, block password proximity requests and prohibit password sharing via AirDrop. Also available with iOS 12 and tvOS 12.

What IT features will be available with iOS 12?

Managed Software Updates
Organizations can now defer users from updating for up to 90 days and specify which iOS version to deploy.

Setup Assistant steps
Skip Setup Assistant screens during enrollment and help users to the Home screen as fast as possible. iMessage, FaceTime, Screen Time and Software Update setup panes are now skippable in iOS 12. Also available with macOS Mojave.

Force date and time
Automatically set the date and time on iOS devices. Important for schools to prevent students from modifying the date and time on their devices; which potentially allowed them to circumvent IT protocols.

What IT features will be available with tvOS 12?

Install software updates
Remotely install software updates to ensure all Apple TV devices are running the latest version of tvOS.

Install App Store apps
For the first time, purchase and remotely deploy apps from the App Store directly to Apple TV devices with mobile device management (MDM).

How to upgrade to macOS Mojave, iOS 12 and tvOS 12

This blog is already getting kind of long, right? To see how you can successfully upgrade your devices when Apple OSs become available, download our Apple OS Upgrades Guide For Beginners e-book. You’ll learn:

  • Workflows for updating your Mac, iPad, iPhone and Apple TV devices
  • Why Mac imaging is no longer a recommended workflow and how to replace it
  • How to communicate your OS upgrade plans with the rest of your organization

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Actual features delivered with the new Apple operating systems may vary.

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