Jamf Breakfast Club: Top 5 ways digital signage reinforces students safety and wellbeing

In this episode of the Jamf Breakfast Club, Jamf co-hosts Mike Lawrence and Nick Morawiecki are joined by guests Amber Ward, Marketing Director at Carousel Digital Signage, and Ashley Northrup, National Certified School Psychologist to discuss how Jamf and Carousel reinforce social/emotional learning in schools

June 2 2023 by

Hannah Hamilton

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This episode of the Jamf Breakfast Club begins with Amber Ward, Marketing Director at Carousel Digital Signage, discussing the role of digital signage in schools as it creates awareness around emergencies, improves student wellness and campus safety and creates a positive impact on academic success.

Education in schools goes beyond the class subjects students enroll in. Schools also must find a way to encourage students’ social-emotional learning (SEL), which, according to National Certified School Psychologist Ashely Northrup, includes managing emotions, self-awareness, how to solve problems, social skills, empathy and healthy relationships. Learning these skills is critical for student success in both their academic and personal life.

So where do Jamf and Carousel come in?

The Carousel integration into Jamf, available in the Jamf Marketplace, gives administrators and teachers the ability to simply share information throughout the school. This aids in communication and reinforcement of policies and procedures set by schools to help students develop their SEL. The group discusses how digital signage helps with communication and mental health awareness, and shows a video about how schools can set students up for success during crisis and recovery periods.

To summarize the top five ways digital signage helps reinforce SEL:

  • Teaching resilience
  • Crisis planning
  • Emergency situations
  • Crisis recovery
  • Streamlining institutional notifications

The episode concludes with Ward sharing resources about SEL, including templates for schools.

Watch the full episode to learn more!

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