Jamf Nation is an Apple community, not just a Jamf community

From an email list to nearly 100,000 members, see why Jamf Nation has become a one-stop-shop for those charged with managing Apple devices.

October 21 2019 by

David Thornton

In the beginning there was an email list. And as with many email lists before it, the list got too unwieldy. So Jamf Nation was born as a way to discuss topics near and dear to the hearts of those charged with managing Apple devices. Jamf Nation started off as a place for Jamf customers but has evolved into much, much more. Today, Jamf customers manage cases, send messages to one another and get live chat support.

But Jamf Nation is a community that has grown far beyond what we set out to create. Today, nearly everyone who has dared to take the plunge into working with iPad, iPhone, Mac and Apple TV has come across Jamf Nation in one way or another. Maybe you’re just searching the web for a problem you’re having and Jamf Nation pops up. Or maybe you start that search process at Jamf Nation. On average, 783 discussions are marked as solved every year — meaning that the Jamf Nation community is helping each other to answer some of the most pressing issues in managing Apple devices. And due to the usefulness, Jamf Nation has grown by around 30% in the last year alone, meaning that there are more questions, more answers and more Jamf Heroes than ever before.

We’ve responded by building more features to help the community grow, including the ability to:

Our goal is to help Jamf administrators and people that don’t ever touch Jamf products alike. And we have a lot of features coming in the pipeline to continue to foster this community, repaying our customers and our friends for helping us to create the largest community focused on Apple administration in the world.

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And I’ll leave you with the positive vibes from some of your soon-to-be colleagues on Jamf Nation.

“Say I want to find a new way to deploy the latest macOS to my company Macs. I can go out to Jamf Nation and first search to see if someone has already done this and if so, find their script and use it. If I can’t find the answer, I can post my question and most of the time get a response in less than 24 hours.” — Kyle Ericson, Jamf Nation member.

Deep thoughts on why Mick uses Jamf Nation.

And the straightforward approach of Anthony.

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