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May 8, 2019 by Haddayr Copley-Woods

Jamf Pro 10.12 highlights student device management

Jamf Pro now supports Apple Classroom for Mac and so much more! Read this post for details.

With macOS 10.14.4, Apple has expanded their Apple Classroom app to the Mac. Now teachers can open documents, books and resources on their students’ Mac simultaneously.

Those familiar with Jamf Pro — the gold standard in Apple device management — likely enjoy the benefits of Apple Classroom for iOS. Thanks to Apple Classroom for Mac, the educational benefits of the Apple ecosystem have expanded.

Just in time for Teacher Appreciation Week, our 10.12 Jamf Pro release supports managing student Macs through Apple Classroom.

While Apple Classroom is useful in and of itself, it really works best hand-in-hand with Jamf Pro, allowing for integration of classroom lists and further strengthening of a teacher’s ability to guide students to the right resources, share their work to an Apple TV and perform routine management tasks such as password resets.

Educators agree: we’ve just been appointed to the 2019 Software Honor Roll by TrustRadius as one of the top ten apps most reviewed by educators, and we couldn’t be happier to be teacher’s pet.

View the release notes for granular details on the 10.12 release, including many enhancements to existing features.

Just want the basics on how Jamf Pro can further empower teachers? Read on.

Jamf Pro and Apple Classroom

  • Supports managing student Macs for managed classes through Apple Classroom
  • Access Apple Education Support in ‘Global Management Settings’ rather than ‘Device Settings’
  • ‘Classes’ are now also linked in the Computers sidebar
  • Users can deploy existing EDU profiles out to classroom Macs for use in the Apple Classroom app

Other new Jamf Pro features with 10.12


  • A single set of terms that can apply across our portfolio of offerings
  • Agree/disagree is now simply ‘agree’
  • Now prompts all users

Smart Card – force screensaver

  • New macOS configuration profile
  • IT can configure a Mac to enable screensaver if a connected smart card is removed.

Certificate transparency payloads

  • New configuration profile payload for macOS, iOS and tvOS
  • Gives control of Apple’s Certificate Transparency policy to the IT administrator
  • Helps to avoid trust failures on devices communicating with internal servers

Even if you’re not yet a customer, discover how these powerful features can help empower your users. Request a free trial today.

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Haddayr Copley-Woods
Haddayr Copley-Woods is a senior copywriter at Jamf. She writes about tech, specializing in Apple and Jamf with a focus on education, accessibility and security.
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