Jamf releases enhancements to Jamf Parent app, mobile restrictions and more

In Jamf Pro 10.22, we are excited to deliver new enhancements for Jamf Pro, including updates to the Jamf Parent app, Apple School Manager support, mobile restrictions updates and more

June 15 2020 by

Aaron Webb

We are excited to deliver new enhancements for Jamf Pro, including updates to the Jamf Parent app, Apple School Manager support, mobile restrictions updates and more.

Jamf Parent app improvements

During this uncertain time in education, Jamf is committed to enhancing our products to make remote learning easier and more effective for schools, teachers, parents and students. With Jamf Pro and the Jamf Parent app, parents have increased visibility and control over which websites and apps are in use on the student’s device. This engages parents in the learning experience and enhances the relationship between parents and IT teams. Parents can now have a stronger partnership with the school by enabling Device Rules to control what apps and websites are used on the student device.

Mobile restrictions restyling

We know that a modern, streamlined product makes your work tasks easier and more enjoyable. That’s why we continue to invest in improvements to the look and feel of Jamf products. The user interface for Restrictions settings in Mobile Device Configuration Profiles has been refreshed and the back end data migrated resulting in more clarity on the configuration of settings.

Jamf Setup + OAuth

Security is important now more than ever and with new support for OAuth — an open standard for access management — the Jamf Setup app is even better suited to securely configure your mobile devices. This integration automatically occurs when you use the latest version of the Jamf Setup app (Jamf Setup 2.0.0) with Jamf Pro 10.21.0 or later. No matter whether you are using Jamf Setup to provision iPhones to critical care staff or making it easier to grab an iPad on the job site, OAuth support makes it a great and secure fit for your workflow.

Apple School Manager improvements

Using Apple School Manager with Jamf Pro has always helped with the speed of setup and device enrollment. Now, the improvements in Jamf’s integration with Apple School Manager allow you to have greater insight into the status of user devices and greater ease in generating reports — especially during device collection times like end of year inventory. There are also improvements to Smart Groups and Smart Search fields to determine class, course and location status. These features will make your job easier as schools continue to navigate the remote-learning landscape.

Enrollment Customization

Commercial businesses and education institutions have one thing in common right now: a need for world-class, zero-touch enrollment for new staff and changing student populations. Customized and intuitive enrollment workflows are one of the best ways we can empower you to offer the best hardware from Apple with the best day-one experience. With enhancements to Enrollment Customization, the branding tab is refreshed and the individual pane previews can also be customized as needed.

Head to our release notes for more information about this release.

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