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December 8, 2021 by Laurie Mona

Jamf Training upgrade: new features available in Jamf Account

We’ve upgraded Jamf Training with new features accessible through your Jamf Account to give you more visibility and control over your course enrollments and certifications.

As the standard in Apple Enterprise Management, Jamf helps industry leaders across the globe:

  • Automate the entire lifecycle of Apple management
  • Personalize Apple devices to a specific user’s needs
  • Preserve the Apple device experience users demand
  • Access the largest Apple IT community on the planet

To make the most of your investment, Jamf training courses offer hands-on macOS, iOS and tvOS management training, to help you increase productivity, empower end users, and master best practices.

And now we’ve made it even easier to manage your Jamf trainings with the newest upgrades to Jamf Account, the portal to your individual account with Jamf.

When you log into your Jamf Account you’re now able to:

  • Access your upcoming training course enrollments and view the details
  • Reschedule or cancel a future course enrollment (policies apply)
  • View past course enrollments and exam scores
  • Download certificates
  • Add yourself to a course waitlist if a course is full
  • Add Jamf certifications to your LinkedIn profile

These enhanced features will give you more visibility and control over your enrollments, as well as easier access to professional sharing of your certifications.

How to access new Jamf Training features

You can access Jamf Account by using the “Manage Account” button in the upper right hand corner of jamf.com, or directly at https://account.jamf.com.

Once you’ve logged into your Jamf Account, you will see a new sub-menu called “Enrollments & History” under the “Training” menu available in the left navigation sidebar.

You can view all upcoming training enrollments and manage them. You have the option to reschedule or cancel a future course enrollment (policies apply) from right here.

Review your past training enrollments, test scores and download certificates.

The option to join a wait list for classes that are full has also been added to the standard course pages.

See the new features for yourself.

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Laurie Mona
Laurie Mona, Copywriter.
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