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May 4, 2020 by Dusty Dorey

Update on Jamf Training courses and Training Passes

Over the last few weeks, our Curriculum and Content Development team has been hard at work to adapt our curriculum and course infrastructure to a remote delivery format. Read an update on these courses and Training Pass extensions.

Hello Jamf Nation,

As many of you are aware, due to COVID-19 Jamf has had to cancel our in-person instructor-led classes. I want to thank all of you for your patience as we work through this situation and devise new solutions that allow us to continue to bring you the high level of quality education and training you deserve.

As many of you are likely seeing with your own organization’s operations, we do not know when we’ll be able to resume normal, in-person, instructor-led courses. Like everyone else, we are monitoring the situation globally. We plan to resume normal operations as the situation allows, following the guidance of regional, governmental recommendations. We believe the safety and well-being of our customers, partners and employees is paramount and we do not want to do anything to jeopardize that.

Over the last few weeks, our Curriculum and Content Development team has been hard at work to adapt our curriculum and course infrastructure to a remote delivery format. We anticipate being able to begin offering this in a limited fashion within the next month and hope to ramp up availability from there. We’ll be working directly with customers who have seen their class enrollments cancelled first and as we have provided those opportunities, we will move to open courses up to new enrollments following that. The Jamf 200 course is our current focus and the first course we’ll be opening, as it has the broadest reach and impact. As the Jamf 200 Course launches remotely, we will shift to adapting the 300 and then 400 coursework for remote delivery, as well.

Right now, we anticipate the course content and subject matter to look the same with no changes to student workflows or assessment metrics. However, remote delivery of courses will be a little different than you would encounter with an in-person course in terms of how a student would interact with their peers and instructors. Using the Jamf 200 Course as an example, a few changes we are anticipating are:

  • The course runs over 5 days vs the traditional 4 to accommodate nuances of remote delivery
  • Students will need to provide the unmanaged demo macOS and iOS hardware
  • We’ll still supply the server infrastructure and materials

As we draw nearer to general availability, we’ll be sure to include specific differences and requirements for enrollees.

For now, students who have had enrollments cancelled due to COVID-19 should expect outreach from our Services Operations team in the coming weeks, with opportunities to enroll for remote courses. If you’d prefer to wait for normal, in-person operations to continue, we’ll be happy to honor that request and will be pleased to see you then. If you did not have an enrollment cancelled but wish to enroll in a future course, we will be posting availability to Jamf Nation as soon as we have details and will be sure to make an announcement at that time.

For customers with Training Passes, we know you may be curious how this impacts your Training Pass service duration. At this time, we’ve paused our ‘recognition’ of that Training Pass time expiring internally. What this means is we will be extending active passes for a time greater than the duration of disruption to your availability to take courses. As this situation is fluid and we won’t be able to service everyone immediately, we do not plan to begin recognizing that time immediately upon remote courses becoming available. Rather, we’ll be looking to a timeframe when courses are more generally available.

We have sent communication to customers who have active Training Pass assets and will continue to communicate directly to you as we get closer to general course availability. We know each customer's situation is a little different, so we’ll work with you when the time comes to ensure your continued success.

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Dusty Dorey
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