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Next Insurance provides small businesses around the world with insurance plans tailored to their needs. With the help of Jamf and Wediggit, the company makes rapid and easy Mac deployment part of the onboarding process, yielding more efficient workflows for employees who then pass the benefit along to customers.

November 3 2021 by

Tim Herr

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Next Insurance is on a mission to connect small businesses around the globe with the insurance coverage that is right for them. They seek to empower business owners “to operate with peace of mind,” as vice president of engineering Haim Yadid says, “to get to a point where they are able to acquire much-needed insurance in an easy, comfortable and simple way.” Next utilizes advanced technologies to match each client business with the policy that suits its particular needs. And to make this enterprise run smoothly for employees and customers alike, they find that the combination of Apple + Jamf offers the straightest path to success, taking the pain out of deploying and managing devices.

Finding more efficient enterprise workflows with Apple technology

Making the decision to use Mac for all enterprise needs was the first step in Next’s journey to provide the best possible end-user experience. Engineering team lead Noa Berman-Viater explains:

Our technologies are the best and latest in the market. We are a fast-growing company, and for me, Mac was a life-changer… It makes my job much easier, more pleasant and faster. Next customers also benefit from this, of course, because I am able to work faster, my team is able to work better, so we can offer new things to clients in a much faster and easier way. Apple computers are more stable, more powerful, they can handle the great load we need our computers to handle, and that saves a lot of time that eventually translates into money, both for us and for our customers.

Backend software engineer Snir Yefet puts it succinctly: “Once you go Mac, you never go back!” Now dependent on Apple technology for their organizational mission, Next needed software solutions to extend the power of that technology as far as possible.

Simplifying device management with Jamf + Wediggit

To power their fleet of macOS devices, Next depends upon Jamf for device management support, mediated by Wediggit. A Jamf Gold Partner and Certified Integrator, Wediggit provides management and integration services for over 50,000 Apple devices in Israel and abroad. Wediggit CEO Naty Drutin explains the impact of their intervention for a company like Next:

This also allows the company a much faster growth. They are measured by the speed they hit the market, and the ability to cut times means that if 10 people were recruited, those 10 people can start working, without having to wait three days until someone has time to set up their Mac. It’s a game changer.

Next’s head of global IT and IS, Ram Avrhami, describes the results that their device management workflows provide:

In collaboration with Jamf and Wediggit’s support, there is no need to set up a new employee’s Mac; no one from the IT team needs to work on a new Mac. The Mac knows it belongs to us. From the moment we purchase the Mac, it appears on our Jamf MDM system, and Jamf automatically sets it up for the employee so the employee’s Mac is ready for use in about 20 minutes. It looks like magic to new employees, and for us, this saves a lot of time and unnecessary work.

Relying on solutions and services provided by Jamf and Wediggit, Next Insurance is able to rapidly address customer needs and ensure that employees have worry-free user experiences.

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