Results are in for the Apple Trends Survey

See why IT professionals say Apple devices are easier to manage than other rival devices, such as PC, Chromebook and Android.

March 7 2017 by

Daniel Weber

Who doesn’t love some good old-fashioned statistics? If you are looking for a pulse on Apple use, factors driving adoption and most interestingly, how managing Apple stacks up to the competition, you’ve come to the right place.

The results from a third-party survey of more than 900 impartial IT professionals, managers and executives from small, medium and large organizations around the world are in. Do they think as highly of Apple in the enterprise, K-12 and higher education as Jamf does?

Let’s find out shall we.

Download the annual Apple Trends Survey for your respective field and you may discover that 99 percent of companies now have iOS devices or that 75 percent of K-12 survey respondents say Mac is easier to secure than PC.

Or you may not. You’ll never know unless you read the report.

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