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Watch this JNUC session in its entirety.

It gives you your day back. It enables the users to be self sufficient. It’s Self Service. In today’s JNUC session, Jamf product experts, Drew Manor and Chris Ghanbarzadeh, discussed how the new Self Service allows IT professionals to provide a familiar look and feel to end users through customization, all while providing the content users need in one central location.

“We have been listening, and we have been working hard to improve Self Service,” Manor said. Beyond the unsolicited feedback they received from customers and prospects, Jamf also participated in focus groups and conducted prototyping and user testing. “This helped us create the foundation for the new JSS,” Manor said. “And it will allow us to add features in the future and continue to iterate Self Service.”

While the same great functionality of Self Service remains, it now has a new overall look to the user interface, and is entirely written in Swift. Additionally, there’s a new tool bar with three main tabs: Library, Downloads and Updates.

“We also knew that customers wanted to brand Self Service,” Manor said. Done. You can now change the name, icon and image to make a truly personalized application for users. Want to take it a step further, additional customization now allows you to:

  • Provide accurate feedback on the state of an item
  • Rename post action buttons for a policy (i.e. Update or Reinstall)
  • Rename a policy within Self Service (i.e. Jamf Pro:XXX version 10.0.0)
  • Show global button while installing to see before, during and after

“It’s important for users to have the power to make their own decisions, all while knowing what they are capable of doing,” Manor said. “Self Service, along with these new customization options allows for just that!”

Notifications improved too. You now have the ability to choose how a notification will be sent to the device.

  • Send notifications to Self Service or the Notification Center
  • Interact with the Notification Center to install an item, such as alerts
  • Install an item from the notifications drop-down in Self Service

“Additionally, we’re excited that Self Service now supports APNS when interacting with notifications,” Manor added.

Updates and downloads also saw a bit of a facelift. New functionality now allows for Updates to contain software title updates, also known as Patch Management. And Downloads provides a queue for items currently being executed, along with history of items that were executed in Self Service.

“Self Service is an incredible tool that empowers people with Apple technology, while providing a rich end-user experience,” Manor said. “This enhanced Self Service will be available with the release of Jamf Pro v10 on Macs running 10.9 and later.”

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