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March 27, 2020 by Matthew Straub

The power of a Jamf User Group

Once this admin attended his first Jamf User Group, there was no turning back. See why.

Jamf offers a lot of resources as their customers. But one of the gems I discovered deserves a spotlight. It was a little more than a year ago when my co-worker invited me to attend my first Jamf User Group (JUG). I’d been using Jamf Pro for some time, but definitely had a lot to learn. Once I went to my first JUG, I made sure to never miss another!

I attend the New York City Metro Jamf User Group — a community of Jamf admins who come together to make connections, discuss new products and even vent about areas of friction we all encounter. There’s always plenty of food and drink and the seats are filled with people wanting to learn. People who work in business, government, K-12, higher education and other industries are welcome.

Recently at the New York JUG we got our hands on one of Apple’s new Mac Pro units, as well as a Pro Display XDR. These high-end desktop computing products are meant for power users who need lots of computing power, along with the ability to perform hardware maintenance and upgrades themselves. We unboxed the Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR, set them up and even took a look inside the Mac Pro to see how it could be upgraded with accessories in the future. Having the ability to look inside the device, as well as to ask questions to a room full of Apple and Jamf experts, was invaluable.

The user groups also always have an opportunity for first-time presenters to show off what they’ve been working on. Anyone who attends the JUG can work with the organizers to present something they’re particularly proud of. Whether it’s how they’ve used a Jamf product to do something cool, an interesting app or script they’ve created or a new Apple feature, they’re welcome to share their findings with the group.

For me, I make sure to take notes. Even if it’s a conversation I’m not as interested in as others or don’t fully understand, there’s always a helpful website or tip mentioned that I want to remember to use in my environment. It’s also been helpful to learn about areas I’m not as comfortable with, especially because I was looking to get my Jamf certifications. Attending the JUG gave me more exposure to Apple and Jamf products, which helped me pass the Jamf 100, Jamf 200 and Jamf 300 certification courses.

Never been to a Jamf User Group? I highly recommend checking one out for yourself! These meetings are fun, informative and connect you to the community of Jamf users in your area. Check Jamf Nation to find the nearest meetup to you. Or, feel free to start your own! Check out this blog post for some tips on getting your own group together.

Matthew Straub
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