What’s new in Casper Suite 9.82

See how Casper Suite 9.82 makes the lives of IT admins easier with device-based VPP, streamlined enrollment with Apple Configurator 2, and enhanced mobile security features.

December 17 2015 by

Jen Kaplan

Device-based VPP now available in Casper Suite 9.82.

We're excited to introduce several new Casper Suite features focused on improving workflows for IT admins and creating a better experience for the users they support. Check out the Casper Suite 9.82 capabilities that make it easier than ever to manage and succeed with Apple.

Get more from the Volume Purchase Program
Mac app usage is expanding rapidly in the education space. In a recent global survey of IT professionals on Apple adoption across K-12, participants reported an increase in the usage of Mac (42 percent) and iPad (36 percent) in 2015. Until recently, apps acquired through Apple’s Volume Purchase Program (VPP) needed to be associated with a student’s Apple ID. With device-based VPP, K-12 students can still benefit from using educational apps, even if they aren't ready for an Apple ID quite yet, making the app deployment model much easier for IT admins to support students and teachers. Casper Suite 9.82 brings support for device-based VPP on OS X devices, making it easy for users to work on shared computers and use apps without having to enter personal information or associate an Apple ID with VPP.

Migrate to device-based VPP for iOS
iOS 9 apps purchased through VPP can be easily migrated from user-based (requiring Apple ID) to device-based app assignment for a better user and IT experience.

Want to see how it works? Watch a quick demo of device-based VPP for Mac or device-based VPP for iOS.

Streamline enrollment with Apple Configurator 2
Apple Configurator 2 is one way to enroll devices in bulk. With support for Apple Configurator 2 and the Device Enrollment Program (DEP), Casper Suite 9.82 makes it even easier for organizations to automate iOS device enrollment and use supervision identities. Organizations can enroll an entire cart or individual kiosk of iPads without ever having to touch a screen.

Update iOS devices with ease
Running the latest version of iOS ensures compatibility with apps and empowers users and IT with the new productivity and security features they need. With Casper Suite 9.82, automatically deploy iOS updates as soon as they're available without relying on end users to manually update.

Enhance mobile security
When it comes to personally owned devices, the ability to manage apps and data on them is a critical component to ensure proprietary information stays within an organization. With Casper Suite 9.82, IT admins can easily find and manage unmanaged apps to future proof their data. 9.82 provides the assurance that files on workforce productivity apps like Box stay within an organization—even if the end user leaves. Watch this short demo video for more on the security features of the Casper Suite.

Ready to update?
Get ready for 2016 now by improving and standardizing app management, VPP distribution workflows, and security for both OS X and iOS devices at your organization. Casper Suite 9.82 is available to customers today, get your upgrade here.

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