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November 24, 2020 by Molly Schmidt

What’s new in Jamf Pro for education

The latest Jamf Pro release includes many enhancements for educators and school administrators including seamless processes for organizations using multiple Jamf solutions and streamlined Apple IT workflows for any education environment.

K-12 organizations and Apple IT admins will find much to appreciate in the latest enhancements to Jamf Pro. From new seamless processes for organizations using multiple solutions such as Jamf Protect and Jamf Connect to organizations managing shared iPads and using the Web Content Filter payload for Mac, the new management features streamlined Apple IT workflows in any education environment.

macOS Web Content Filter Payload

If you're a school IT admin who stays on the cutting edge of technology, you'll need support in deploying security software that has developed for macOS Big Sur.

As a replacement for working in the kernel for security or VPN/networking apps, many vendors in both markets are transitioning to use the System Extension alternative framework, combined with the Web Content Filter plugins. This Jamf Pro release includes a new "Content Filter" payload type to support this framework in third-party apps.

Enable Direct Download

With Enable Direct Download in Jamf Pro, IT teams have even more control over where students, teachers, and other staff get their apps. Enable Direct Download ensures that any direct downloads for the app are only downloaded from specified associated domains. Enabling direct downloads allows for the download of data from an app through the associated domains instead of through the content delivery network, enhancing app performance.

Configuration Profile Enhancements

Do you use both Jamf Connect and Jamf Pro at your district? You can now configure Jamf solutions with an improved workflow, using the computer Application and Custom Settings payload. This allows for management outside of Jamf Pro releases.

When combined with the new Jamf Teacher app for Jamf Pro, this makes using Jamf products to enhance student education simpler and more straightforward than ever.

Shared iPad Enhancements

iPads are the workhorse of the K-12 education environment, and Jamf has figured out a way to make them work even harder for your school.

User Space

Jamf Pro has a new way to save deployment time: admins can now remotely configure the maximum amount of users possible on a device.

Admins can use the Set Shared iPad User Space (previously called "Set Storage Quota Size") remote command as a mass action to configure the maximum number of users for shared iPad devices. This is an attractive alternative to setting the storage quota size for each user on the device and allows IT teams to configure the maximum number of users that can be stored locally on the iPads--saving valuable time in configuring and deploying devices.

User Status Check

IT teams can now perform a status check for shared iPad users, which includes the display of a timestamp and the ability to refresh the status. This will improve insights and reporting, helping with future planning and current distribution choices.

Please read the release notes If you'd like to learn more about this release.

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