Employee Privacy Notice

Jamf Software, LLC

The purpose of this notice is to provide you further details regarding employee personal information that may be processed by Jamf and is intended to supplement our Privacy Policy. Unless otherwise noted or excluded by context, “employee personal information” is included within the definition of “personal information” for the purposes of this notice. Jamf may update this notice from time to time. In the event we make any material changes, we will notify you by email or by posting the revised notice on our corporate website. When we update this notice, we will note the date the most recent revision was posted below, at the end of the notice. Any revisions will become effective upon (7) calendar days following such posting on our corporate website.

JAMF Software, LLC, or its Affiliates (collectively, “Jamf”) may collect personal information from prospective and present employees only for legitimate business purposes, as described in the Appendix to this notice and in accordance with applicable data privacy/protection laws and regulations. Employee personal information on health, performance evaluations, disciplinary actions, and other sensitive employee matters, whether it is stored manually or electronically, is accessible by other Jamf employees only if necessary, with respect to legitimate human resource purposes; however, an employee’s picture and any personal information the employee chooses to provide may be placed on the Jamf intranet. Likewise, from time to time, an employee’s picture along with personal information may be published in Jamf directories, internal websites and used in presentations.

For legitimate human resources purposes, employees may choose to voluntarily disclose personal information about family members. If Jamf employees choose to do this, their family member’s personal information shall be treated, for the purposes of this notice, the same as an employee’s personal information. Employee personal information is never sold, leased, or rented to any third party. Employee personal information will never be disclosed to third parties except as follows:

  • to those retained by JAMF Software, LLC or its Affiliates for processing only for the purposes set forth above;
  • where required pursuant to an applicable law, governmental or judicial order, law or regulation, or to protect the rights or property of JAMF Software, LLC or its Affiliates;
  • in the event of sale of the business, merger, acquisition, etc.;
  • where authorized electronically or in writing by the employee; and
  • where the employee voluntarily provides personal information and the context makes it clear that employee personal information will be provided to a third party/subprocessor (ex. payroll, benefits, travel, reimbursement, and other systems used in the employment context).

Where personal information is transferred from the EU, UK or Switzerland to the US in the context of the employment relationship, we will cooperate in investigations by and comply with the advice of relevant data protection authorities.

Appendix – Description and Uses of Employee Personal Information

1. Who is responsible for processing and who can I contact?

The data controller is Jamf Software, LLC or its Affiliates (“Jamf” or the “Company”) -and the responsible person can be contacted at privacy@jamf.com.

2. What sources and information do we use?

We obtain your information directly from you (during the recruitment process and during employment) and from third parties (e.g., recruitment agencies).

Please see point 8 below for more information.

Occasionally, and where appropriate, we may seek your consent in writing to process specific personal information. If we do that, we will explain the purpose of the processing. In these situations, you have the right to refuse or withdraw your consent at any time by contacting the appropriate person named in the consent document.

3. Who is the recipient of my information?

We will share your personal information with:

  • Jamf Affiliates;
  • Jamf’s customers and vendors;
  • private health and benefit providers;
  • insurers and pensions scheme providers;
  • federal and state authorities, e.g., tax authority, social security authority, law enforcement;
  • entities providing services to Jamf, such as IT or payroll services;
  • potential purchasers and their professional advisers in the context of the sale or restructuring of the whole or part of our business,
  • hotels, airlines, reservation centres (for business travel purposes).

4. Is personal information transferred to a third country or to an international organization?

The Company is a global organization and to ensure the provision of effective and efficient services and communication throughout the Company, we are required to transfer your personal information internationally.

Your personal information may therefore be stored and processed abroad in countries that may have different data protection rules. However, the Company will only transfer your personal information outside of the EEA where appropriate safeguards have been put in place. The Company will ensure that the employee personal information will remain protected as required by applicable law and regulations, even when transferred across borders to a third party including, but not limited to, the use of European Commission-approved model clauses and other data transfer safeguards.

For more information on how Jamf safeguards employee personal information, please contact privacy@jamf.com.

5. How long will my personal information be stored?

Jamf will only retain your employee personal information for as long as it serves the purposes for which it was collected and in accordance with applicable data privacy/protection laws.

6. What choices and rights do I have?

You may request further details regarding Jamf’s processing of your employee personal information in accordance with local applicable law.

You may have certain rights over your personal information, depending on the applicable jurisdiction, including but not limited to:

  • A right to receive details about or access to your personal information;
  • A right to erase certain personal information;
  • A right to stop your personal information being processed in certain circumstances;
  • A right related to automated profiling;
  • A right to portability;
  • A right to correct your personal information; and
  • A right to opt-out of the sale of your personal information.

There are limitations in relation to these rights. Please contact privacy@jamf.com or your human resources representative for more details.

7. Do I have an obligation to make personal information available?

Providing the following personal information is necessary for the conclusion and performance of your employment with Jamf and has its legal basis in employment law: (a) first name (names) and surname; (b) date of birth; (c) contact details that you share with us (at least residential address); (d) education; (e) qualifications, if required to perform work in a given position or of a given type; (f) work experience (previous employment); (g) your personal identification number or type and series number of another document confirming your identity (e.g., government issued identification card); (h) your other personal information, as well as names and dates of birth of your children and other members of your immediate family, if the provision of such information is necessary due to the use of special rights provided for in the labour law; (i) bank account number, unless you have requested cash payment of your remuneration. It is not possible to create and sustain an employment relationship or perform an employment contract (as applicable) without processing your personal information within the above scope.

Jamf as your employer may also request you to provide other personal information, if the obligation to provide it results from other provisions of law or if another lawful purpose exists.

8. Why do we process the personal information (purpose of the processing) and on what legitimate basis?

Purpose of Processing/Legitimate Basis

Last updated: September 15, 2021