Guide student devices with the Jamf Pro Parent app.

Parents keep homework sessions focused and eliminate distraction while at home.

Parents oversee K-12 student devices outside school hours.

The free Jamf Parent iOS app empowers parents to manage their children's school-issued devices. Through an intuitive interface, restrict which apps children can access on their devices, receive notifications when a child arrives at school and schedule homework time or bedtime to allow or restrict certain apps.

Jamf Parent, the ultimate tool for parents.

Give parents peace of mind by empowering them with visibility and controls for their child's institutionally-owned device(s).

  • Restrict games, apps and social media, or set up rules that restrict social media use to certain periods of time throughout the day.
  • Receive a notification when the student arrives safely at school (with Jamf School only).
  • Turn off apps and notifications whenever the student is riding a bike or walking in traffic (with Jamf School only).
  • Create custom rules with the simple step-by-step wizard.
  • See a child’s device name, current device storage utilization, device model and iOS version.
  • Quickly lock an iOS device into one or several apps, eliminating distractions during study time.
  • With the ability to add multiple child profiles, Jamf Parent helps parents easily manage one or several kids on the go.
  • Jamf Parent can be used with devices managed by Jamf Pro or Jamf School.

Simple, purpose-built Apple management for teachers and small IT teams.

Powerful management and customization for IT professionals managing multiple schools or a district.