Empower and support teachers with Jamf School.

Effective communication, engagement and assessment in one place.

The power to communicate: in teachers' hands.

Engaged students are more successful students. The Jamf Teacher app for Jamf School can build and maintain student confidence with on-demand communication. Whether managed on iOS, iPadOS or MacOS, the Jamf Teacher app for Jamf School is an essential tool for teachers in any learning environment.

  • The Remote Class feature: Teachers can connect with students the moment they need help in one click.
  • The Raise Hand feature: A Raise Hand option for the student to connect with a teacher by allowing them to send a message immediately to their teacher when they need help.
  • Manage from any device: Teachers have the ability to ability to manage their classes from their iPadOS or their macOS device.

See the Remote Classroom feature of the Jamf Teacher app for Jamf School in action.