Enhancing security with Jamf and Microsoft integrations at Glasgow University

In response to the modern challenges facing academic institutions, the University of Glasgow undertook a transformative journey to enhance the management and security of its extensive Apple device fleet to elevate security provisions to industry standard and achieve the Cyber Essentials+ certification.

The integrations between Jamf and Microsoft solutions are part of the institution’s ecosystem and enable real-time management reporting, enhance identity management, strengthen security, and ensure compliance on institutionally owned devices.

With an Azure based domain, integrating Jamf Pro into the backend for identity management with Jamf Connect has been a game changer for the university. The joined-up approach to the platforms ensures that only trusted users on compliant devices can access secure company resources. Jamf Connect and Jamf Protect run alongside Entra ID and Microsoft Intune and report live into Microsoft Sentinel.

Jamf Protect natively integrates with Microsoft Sentinel to push all security-related data and alerts directly into the security information and event management (SIEM) of choice for Microsoft-focused organizations. This integration enables the university to seamlessly monitor and protect their Mac fleet through the Microsoft Sentinel platform, providing a unified view of security events across all endpoints and facilitating a more effective response to threats.

Jamf Pro integrates seamlessly with Power BI to provide detailed reports on all aspects of a Jamf deployment, bringing a deeper level of data analytics and extending reporting capabilities of Jamf Pro, enabling real-time management reporting on macOS versions, Virus Definition versions, number of devices per building, and more.