University of Glasgow brings Apple devices under the security of Jamf

The University of Glasgow, a beacon of education with a rich history, faced a critical need in the modern age. The institution sought a solution to manage and secure its Apple fleet, to achieve the coveted Cyber Essential+ certification, and to bring all their devices under one management platform, compatible with the hybrid work model that became a reality for teachers, researchers, and admin staff.

Taking up Jamf as a comprehensive solution meant having the best start possible to achieve security by design and elevate security provisions to industry standard and fit for purpose.

Jamf swiftly turned a dream into reality, ensuring IT seamlessly manages and secures Apple devices with the desired efficiency and capacity.

  • Jamf Pro manages and secures the Apple fleet with robust workflows for device and app management, inventory, and security
  • Jamf Protect safeguards endpoints and defends against threats, maintaining compliance, and promptly responding to active threats
  • Jamf Connect streamlines provisioning, authentication, and identity management, limiting security weaknesses in a manageable and thorough way

Integrations between Jamf and Microsoft solutions are part of the ecosystem and enable real-time management reporting, enhancing identity management, security, and compliance for IT.