14 reasons 2014 was great for Apple and JAMF Software

See several of the major milestones that took place for Apple and JAMF Software during 2014.

January 8 2015 by

Daniel Weber

As the new year begins, there is no better time to reflect on some of the major milestones that took place in 2014. To commemorate the year that was, here are 14 achievements for JAMF Software and Apple in the enterprise.

1. Apple released OS X Yosemite and iOS 8
New continuity, productivity, and MDM management features significantly enhanced enterprise support and the user experience.

2. JAMF Software supported both Apple releases on day zero
IT administrators were able to immediately manage painless operating system updates.

3. JAMF Software introduced support for Apple's Volume Purchasing Program (VPP)
Including VPP managed distribution, token management, and reporting capabilities.

4. Apple announced a new partnership with IBM
The two are laying the groundwork to revolutionize enterprise apps and enhance the way we work.

5. JAMF Software hosted the largest JAMF Nation User Conference (JNUC) ever
Attendees from all over the world came to the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis to discuss and learn more about Apple IT.

6. JAMF Software released the Casper Suite BYOD solution
Enterprises can now successfully manage personally owned devices and combat issues with cost, complexity, and user acceptance.

7. Apple released new hardware
iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iMac with retina display, iPad Air 2, and they announced the highly anticipated Apple Watch.

8. Apple introduced the Device Enrollment Program (DEP)
Apple automated zero touch enrollment of new hardware and JAMF Software quickly began supporting this program.

9. JAMF Software introduced a new integration with Apple's iBeacon technology
IT administrators can automate distribution of software and settings based on a device’s proximity to a Beacon.

10. Apple introduced AppleCare for Enterprise
Technical experts and 24/7 support available help keep business operations running smoothly.

11. JAMF Software added the Certified Casper Technician (CCT) course
Latest addition to the training portfolio provides hands-on education for OS X and iOS platforms, the Apple ecosystem, and the Casper Suite.

12. JAMF Software introduced enhancements to Self Service
IT can enable users to install software updates, apps, and setup and configure their own device.

13. Apple celebrated the 30th anniversary of the Mac
The Mac platform has helped us all create, consume, collaborate and communicate since 1984 — and continues to do so, now more than ever.

14. JAMF Software named to Deloitte’s 2014 Technology Fast 500
Simplifying Mac, iPad, and iPhone management ranked JAMF Software amongst the top technology companies in the nation.

Apple and JAMF Software’s device management technologies grew leaps and bounds during 2014, and there is no reason to suspect that 2015 will be any different. Stay tuned.

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