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April 23, 2020 by Kathryn Joy

Enablement, security and onboarding in unexpected environments

Allen Houchins, Senior Director of IT at Jamf, discusses how Jamf — amid the unpredictability of today’s environment — was poised to transition to an entirely remote workforce in under 24 hours while ensuring our staff had the same capabilities and processes as before.

As our current climate continues to require adaptability and relentlessness from all of us, prioritizing people — health, happiness, productivity, empowerment — is paramount.

At Jamf, prioritizing people meant transitioning to an entirely remote workforce in under 24 hours while ensuring our staff had the same capabilities and processes as before. And Allen Houchins, Senior Director of IT at Jamf, joined Intello for their “Modern IT//Masters Series” to share Jamf’s experience with migrating to a fully remote workforce. Houchins discusses how Jamf — amid the unpredictability of today’s environment — was poised to execute such a change quickly without missing a beat.

Here are the highlights:

Embracing cloud-first technology prepared us for this

Our Apple-first philosophy, paired with the security measures managed in Jamf Pro, provided ongoing support to our employees who quickly shifted from the office into their homes, but also supported our hiring and onboarding process. Regardless of whether you are onboarding new employees or supporting your established team, resource access, security and support are the keystones to a happy and productive workforce.

IT shouldn’t need to be present to function

Operating with a “meet your customers where they’re at” support model to provide assistance as quickly as possible — in the way that works for the individual employee — allows for seamless IT support in or out of the office. The best support for your employees, however, is leveraging software solutions — mobile device management (MDM), conditional access and multi-factor authentication — to anticipate obstacles and alleviate the pain points for your employees.

As we shared in our blog, “What is MDM?”, with Jamf as your MDM provider, you will:

  • Ensure your entire Apple ecosystem is maximized and structured for productivity
  • Ensure applications are deployed accurately en masse and are supported
  • Update devices, applications, software and tools
  • Effectively troubleshoot and assist users from anywhere
  • Monitor and track device inventory, status and usage

Jamf’s end-to-end management tools are tailored to address your needs. “Jamf Now or Jamf Pro: Which is right for you?” addresses differences in our MDM solutions and will direct you to the right product for your organization’s needs.

Jamf Connect, along with the use of an MDM solution, helps IT admins implement and maintain your identity management strategy via directory services, cloud-based single sign-on and multi-factor authentication.

Jamf Protect leverages Apple’s Endpoint Security Framework and pairs with your MDM solution to secure your remote Mac endpoints without impacting user experience or privacy.

Jamf products give you the power to prioritize people

The connectivity and accessibility of an Apple fleet managed with Jamf products facilitate success. The needs of a remote workforce, from the deployment of tools, content and training, and so much more, are what the Jamf platform was built to address. All solutions are designed to anticipate and mitigate user and IT needs, taking into account the experience every step of the way.

In your time of need, we want to make our products and services readily available. Visit our Remote Empowerment page for more details on how we can help. Or, start a free trial of one of our products today.

In this current health crisis, everyone’s environment, demands and challenges are unique. Organizations who lead with compassion and leverage technology solutions to empower and enable their workforce will see what we have seen at Jamf: Comfort and support from employers produce better service and work from their people.

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Kathryn is a Content Strategist at Jamf with an emphasis on healthcare and partnerships. An art historian by education, Kathryn has a penchant for architecture, travel and meeting other people's pets.
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