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iPhone protected by Jamf Executive Threat Protection
April 20, 2023 by Michael Devins

Jamf launches Jamf Executive Threat Protection to defend against advanced mobile threats

The new Jamf Executive Threat Protection goes beyond other detection and response solutions to defend your mobile fleet from advanced threats.

Mobile devices at work on the rise

Remote and hybrid work have transformed the modern workforce and reinforced an already growing trend of using mobile devices for work. The convenience of mobile devices cannot be understated: they are always connected to the internet and purpose-built apps put everything from emails to customer records one tap away in the palm of your hand. As a result, smartphones often contain both work and personal data and are actively used throughout the day. This makes them an ideal target for hackers.

Unlike traditional phishing attacks that attack users broadly, these advanced mobile threats are typically targeted at government officials, journalists and high-ranking employees. The goal of these attacks can range from espionage to blackmail but the means are similar. Recent examples highlight the presence and danger of targeted attacks.

These sophisticated attacks come in a variety of forms, with the most dangerous exploits remotely accessing everything on a device, from business applications and multi-factor authentication requests to photos and email. Some exploits can even silently activate the camera and microphone. It’s important for organizations to have the tools to understand the moment a device is compromised so they can take action to remediate the threat. Until now, mobile device users have been underserved with advanced detection capabilities.

Introducing Jamf Executive Threat Protection

Jamf Executive Threat Protection is an advanced detection and response solution that gives organizations a sophisticated, remote method to know what has happened on their mobile devices and gives them tools to respond to advanced attacks.

Detect and destroy sophisticated mobile attacks

Jamf Executive Threat Protection goes beyond device management and endpoint security to extend visibility into attacks that target your most important users.

Deep collection

Gain extended visibility into your mobile fleet from anywhere with rich mobile endpoint telemetry and reduce manual investigation time from weeks to minutes. Go beyond MDM to collect an array of information that can be used to support comprehensive mobile investigations.

Detect faster

Even the most sophisticated attacks leave a data trail but you have to know what to look for. Jamf performs deep analysis to identify indicators of compromise (IOC). This surfaces exploits and sophisticated 0-day attacks that would otherwise remain hidden. Jamf then presents a straightforward incident summary that can be reviewed by security teams.

Remediate confidently

Automatically construct a timeline of suspicious events that show when and how a device was compromised. Built-in response tools allow security teams to destroy advanced persistent threats (APT) and keep users safe while ongoing monitoring provides the assurance that the threat is eliminated.

Jamf Executive Threat Prevention further extends Jamf’s security capabilities to protect users on mobile devices from the most sophisticated attackers. Learn more about the range of endpoint security protections that Jamf offers or request a demo to learn more about this new product.

Secure your mobile fleet with Jamf Executive Threat Protection

Michael Devins
Michael Devins, Director, Product Marketing, Security.
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