Jamf Now brings new meaning to “Controlled Airspace”

Read how JetRight found the perfect solution to enable users with all the apps and tools they need to ensure clients are safe and comfortable when they charter flights.

December 3 2019 by

Jonathan Locast

The long list of what companies are able to achieve through their investments in technology deployments continues to grow by the day — and some days it feels by the second. This makes it more and more critical for organizations to make this investment to keep up with the competition or keep up with their expanding goals. However, in some industries strict regulations can become a hurdle or, in the case of FAA compliance, a roadblock. For pilots, the job isn’t all takeoff and landing. It's filled with preflight checks, aeronautical charts, state maps and making sure that every “i” is dotted, and “t” is crossed. To make it even more challenging, all of the preflight checks, charts and maps used to be spread out across different mediums making their work manual and tedious. Recently, this changed.

The FAA made the decision to approve the usage of iPad during “All Phases of Flight” for the first time in the industry, but that didn’t come without many guidelines and standards that needed to be met. With this decision, the door opened for app developers and tech companies to create apps and platforms for pilots and flight teams to help usher in this new age of technology during “All Phases of Flight.”

Managing to keep track of devices and ensure they are secure and up to date is hard enough with a team that is constantly on the go. What do you do when your devices are spread throughout the country at any moment? This is the exact problem that Jared Weiss, pilot and IT manager for JetRight set out to solve. Read how his past experience working for Apple retail combined with his knowledge of a pilot’s pain points helped him find the perfect solution that enabled his team with all the apps and tools they need to make sure their clients are safe and comfortable when they charter their flights with JetRight.

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