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May 16, 2019 by Haddayr Copley-Woods

Jamf School or Jamf Pro: Which is right for you?

Not all schools or educators have the same technical needs, that’s why we offer two solutions to manage Apple education technology. See which is right for you.

Jamf, the standard for Apple device management, knows education. We know educators. And we know that not all schools or educators have the same technical needs.

That’s why we offer two ways for schools to manage their Apple devices: Jamf School and Jamf Pro.

Some schools need a simple, intuitive web-based interface that simplifies device management: deploying, conducting inventory and securing Apple devices.

Some school IT departments manage multiple schools and departments or a very large or complex grouping of devices and need more robust and in-depth management tools.

Both Jamf School and Jamf Pro offer tools specific to teachers, schools, and students. Both offer zero-touch deployment. Both integrate seamlessly with Apple Classroom, and both will always support Apple releases and features on day one.

So how do you decide which is right for your school?

Who needs Jamf School?

Jamf School, formerly ZuluDesk, is a purpose-built educational tool known for its simple, fast setup, teacher-specific workflows and teacher, parent and student apps.

Jamf School is best for schools with one IT professional or in which computers are managed by teachers and administrators rather than a full IT department.

Jamf School Apps:

Jamf School Teacher
Combined with Apple Classroom, the Jamf School Teacher app empowers teachers to restrict websites, apps and cameras. Teachers can also communicate directly with students and distribute lessons through their devices.

Jamf School Parent
Parents can restrict device use for specific times throughout the day with Jamf School Parent, as well as receive a notification when a child gets to school or arrives at home.

Jamf School Student
This app empowers students to set up their own devices, communicate with teachers and store documents.

Jamf School also offers:

  • Drag-and-drop classroom management
  • All device information on one dashboard
  • Automatic student access to subject-specific materials
  • Damaged device tracking

Who needs Jamf Pro?

Jamf Pro is the market leader for schools. It’s known for its ability to scale, robust Mac management capabilities and customization, and unmatched customer support.

If you’re an IT manager, administrator or director: Jamf Pro is ideal for you. Jamf Pro can easily handle multiple schools or an entire district. It’s also a good idea to use Jamf Pro if you have multiple administrators who want to customize workflows or packages.

Jamf Pro offers:

  • Unmanaged Mac identification to quickly scan the network and identify any unmanaged Macs and enroll them in to management.
  • More detailed device management that goes beyond basic configuration to truly customize devices, including account permissions, custom scripts and full Apple TV support.
  • App management and self-service with in-house or outside apps, allowing for a custom app catalog for on-demand user access.
  • Security with secure VPN configurations, granular management privileges and automatic patch management functionality.
  • Support that is truly robust; available via chat, email or phone during business hours, with Premium Support also available for round-the-clock support.

Let's study them side-by-side:

  Pro School
In the Classroom

Offers specific teacher workflows and classroom management tools.

Yes Yes

Immediate Apple release support.

Yes Yes
Apple Classroom

Seamless integration with and enhancement of Apple Classroom.

Yes Yes

Zero-touch Apple device deployment.

Yes Yes
Robust Tech Support

Support through chat, phone or email with the ability to buy premium round-the-clock support.

Yes No
Tech Support

Support via chat and email with the ability to buy higher levels of assistance.

No Yes
Built for IT

Best for an IT administrator or team: some tech skills are required.

Yes No
Built for Teachers and Administrators

Best for teachers and administrators: advanced or dedicated tech skills are not required.

No Yes
Best for Complex Environment

Handles a complex environment with multiple schools or administrators.

Yes No
Best for Simple Environment

Made for simpler requirements (such as a single school or very basic multiple-school functionality).

No Yes

Your school is unique, and your Mac management can be, too: customizations are available.

Yes No
Out-of-the-box Ready

Just plug in and go!

No Yes

Still can’t decide?

Take each for a free test drive! It’s hard to go wrong — regardless of chosen tool, 96% of Jamf Pro customers renew their contracts every year.

Let us help you get the most out of your Apple devices, and help your students get the most out of their education.

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Haddayr Copley-Woods
Haddayr Copley-Woods is a senior copywriter in Jamf's marketing department. She blogs about education, accessibility, security and other issues affecting Mac admins.
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