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September 6, 2022 by Jesus Vigo

Jamf Empowers: Apple’s Enterprise Journey at Wipro

As Apple continues to gain a foothold within enterprise market share, growing mind share is also taking place with more organizations offering Mac as the computing device of choice among their employees, with Jamf facilitating automated device management and app deployments while maintaining effective security and privacy protections.

In the first half of 2022, Counterpoint estimates Apple’s Mac shipments across the enterprise to grow more than 50% YoY.

That’s a bold statement and also one echoed during a recent earnings call, when Luca Maestri, Chief Financial Officer at Apple discussed trends in the enterprise market that sees Apple customers “increasingly investing in Apple products as a strategy to attract and retain talent.”

And that’s one of the drivers for IT solutions and business consulting services provider Wipro to adopt MacBook Air and MacBook Pro when onboarding new hires. In addition to its superior performance and lower total cost of ownership, Maestri also cited the new M2 chip – referring to Apple’s power-packed update to its internally developed Silicon-on-Chip (SoC) – which powers the new Air and Pro models as offering “a competitive advantage when recruiting new graduates globally.”

While the partnership between Apple and Wipro makes for a winning combination for new hires, the ongoing management, security and support of Apple devices is still a critical factor in the employee experience. And as Wipro’s Chief Information Officer, Anup Purohit said, it is “an important aspect we’re focused on.” Wipro has doubled down on this statement by partnering with Jamf, the industry leader in Mobile Device Management (MDM), to empower its employees to succeed with Apple.

Attract and retain new talent

When asked about attracting and retaining top talent coming out of university, Wipro’s CIO acknowledges that in speaking with young people entering the modern workforce, they’re sending the clear message that “they want to join companies that make use of the latest technologies”. In addition to this, Anup made the decision to offer MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, not only because he believes that Apple products are the most aspirational for new hires, but also because he feels that doing so “will add to the employee experience.”

On-boarding made easy

While still in the early days of rolling out Apple devices to new hires, Anup was quick to point out how indicators show Apple adoption is already making a positive impact on the employee experience, beginning with the digital employee onboarding process at Wipro.

Powering the deployment process in the backend are Apple Business Manager and Jamf Pro. By integrating both solutions, newly purchased Apple devices may be assigned to Jamf’s MDM solution, where Jamf Pro takes the handoff to ensure a seamless employee onboarding process. The holistic workflow begins when new hires power on their Mac for the first time and continues through the initial configuration and app deployment process to ensure users are productive right from the start.

Jamf + Wipro

The partnership between Apple and Jamf is tight-knit. Thanks in no small part to Jamf Pro’s deep integration with Apple, from aligning with the latter’s Enterprise Security Framework (ESF) to offering same-day support for all of Apple’s updates. Additionally, by including support for newly announced macOS features and functionality – organizations like Wipro and their employees can upgrade when they’re ready with Jamf always there to support them.

Speaking of support, it doesn’t end when the onboarding process is complete. As Wipro’s CIO noted about Jamf’s capabilities, “making it easy to automate device deployment, purchase apps and distribute content, and create Managed Apple IDs for employees.” But that’s not all, Jamf Pro continues to work in the background, allowing Wipro’s IT team to easily manage devices, such as enabling timely patch management to ensure device stability, maintain security and preserve privacy with macOS and Jamf Pro.

You’ve heard about how Jamf helps organizations like yours succeed with Apple.

But don’t just take our collective voices for it. Experience Jamf Pro’s management and security benefits for yourself!

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Jesus Vigo
Jesus Vigo, Sr. Copywriter, Security.
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