Jamf Introduces New Updates for Healthcare IT to Protect Patient Data and Streamline Clinical Access through Apple Devices

MINNEAPOLIS – June 14, 2022 – Today, Jamf (NASDAQ: JAMF), the standard in Apple Enterprise Management, rolled out new functionality to help healthcare and IT teams protect patient data and streamline clinical access for their Apple fleet.

"The last few years have shown that mobile transformation is changing the healthcare landscape. Jamf powers the optimal digital experience for hospital providers, patients, and families with the power of Apple," said Kari Chase, director of healthcare product strategy at Jamf. "With the rollout of these new updates, healthcare providers can transform the patient bedside experience and ensure patient privacy data is secure, devices are properly managed and endpoints are protected.”

Streamline Deployments with Healthcare Listener App Refresh

Today, Jamf introduced a new Healthcare Listener workflow called App Refresh. App Refresh provides health systems deploying iPad and Apple TV a faster way to refresh specific app content and prepare a device for the next patient. The automated workflow uninstalls and reinstalls managed apps and in-house books from bedside devices - all without requiring a full device reset. App Refresh enhances the experience for patients by removing all iOS and tvOS Setup Assistant prompts that follow a device reset (Language, Region, Wi-Fi), and configures the device so it is ready for immediate use without any manual setup. For IT admins, the entire refresh workflow is shortened, the device remains online and managed by IT admins in Jamf Pro, and they have device visibility throughout the entire process. For organizations who wish to maintain a full device reset between patients, Healthcare Listener will retain its current automated device wipe capabilities, allowing flexibility for all environments.

Extend Control of Bedside Apple Devices with the Jamf Parent App

The Jamf Parent app has existed for years as a way for parents and guardians to have limited management of their child's school-issued iPad from their own personal device. With a new Jamf Parent setting in Jamf Pro, there is now a workflow that extends Jamf Parent to provide temporary wireless remote management capabilities of a patient’s hospital-issued device. A parent or guardian can pair their personal device with the hospital's managed iPad through a QR code pairing process within the Jamf Parent app. Now, with the power of MDM, parents have the ability to limit patient apps, device functionality, and reset the device passcode. When Healthcare Listener or Jamf Reset remotely wipes the patient's device, the Jamf Parent app session is disconnected automatically. This requires no work from IT and ensures parent devices are only able to perform management actions on hospital-owned devices while the patient is admitted. Great for pediatric care, behavioral health and other scenarios, this functionality makes it simple and secure to personalize bedside Apple technology to match the specific needs of each patient.

A Faster and More Secure Sign-On with Single Login with Microsoft Azure

Single Login with Jamf Setup and Jamf Reset is a preview workflow (available for all Jamf Pro customers to test for free) designed to provide a simple and productive end-user experience for employees who use shared iOS and iPadOS devices. The latest release of the Jamf Setup and Jamf Reset apps supports this wireless, over-the-air workflow for shared device management and includes:

  • Cloud identity provider (IdP)-based network authentication with Microsoft Azure
  • Role-based provisioning and access control
  • Enhanced device passcode management
  • Cross-app single sign-on (SSO) for supporting iOS/iPadOS apps
  • A soft-reset logout workflow that doesn't require a device wipe

To learn more about Jamf’s healthcare solutions visit www.jamf.com/healthcare.

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