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How SafetyCulture saved time and money via online onboarding with Jamf

Jamf smooths staff onboarding process for SafetyCulture

Starting a new job can be stressful at the best of times, but consider the experience when you’re forced to do it from home.

That was the situation faced by new hires at Australian workplace safety and operations software company SafetyCulture.

COVID-19 and new employees

When COVID-19 restrictions resulted in the firm shuttering its offices around the world, new staff had to start work remotely from day one.

SafetyCulture's IT Manager Michael Viney says the company had to quickly find a way to equip staff with a new computing device and have them connected to the corporate IT environment. They turned to Jamf to help get the job done.

"We had been a Jamf user for more than 18 months," says Viney. "Jamf gives us the oversight we need to manage our fleet of more than 380 computing and mobile devices around the world."

At first, SafetyCulture completed onboarding via face-to-face sessions, providing staff with their new computing device and instructions on its use. Once SafetyCulture realized Jamf Pro could aid in making this process entirely remote, the SafetyCulture IT team knew it had the capabilities they needed.

"Jamf has significantly streamlined the workflow and experience for new staff," says Viney. When they first unbox and turn on their new device, Jamf automatically undertakes a configuration process. During this time, a five-minute video plays on the device’s screen that explains the IT onboarding experience. It then introduces the IT team and provides insight into SafetyCulture's overall technology environment.

Taking this approach saves SafetyCulture both time and money. Rather than each new device needing to be sent to the IT team for configuration and then back out to the new staff member, it can simply be sent straight to them from the vendor and automatically set up.

Saving time and money in new employee onboarding

This saves the company $80 in shipping per device. It also saves around six hours of IT team time for each new staff member. Twenty new staff have already been onboarded since the lockdown came into force and a further 15 are scheduled for coming weeks.

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Increased employee satisfaction

“The feedback from staff has been extremely positive,” says Viney. “Comments received have included that the process was ‘enlightening and fun’ and it ‘really showed the core values that the company lives by.'"

Once lockdown conditions have eased, Viney says that SafetyCulture will continue to use Jamf to manage the onboarding process. “The technology is a very valuable tool for us," he says, "and we look forward to finding new ways to put it to work within our organisation."


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