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February 25, 2020 by Danny Porter

How to roll out the right enrollment option

There are now more ways to enroll devices than ever. We take a quick peek at some of the new options and what they can mean for your organization. We also provide guidance on choosing the best enrollment one for you.

BYOD, UIE, device enrollment, user enrollment, oh my! Nowadays, there are more ways to enroll devices than ever. In our recent webinar: How to roll out the right enrollment option, we unpacked the meaning of these terms and what that means for our customers. Let’s take a quick peek at some of the changes and what they mean for your organization.

Device enrollment

First and foremost, user-initiated enrollment has evolved to device enrollment. This simplifies the definition of what’s going on from the device perspective. With the incredible power of Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager, everyone can turn on their devices and be instantly enrolled in Jamf: managed, personalized and secured. Why? Because the device was enrolled from the beginning.

I’m not too sure BYOD will ever go away from the terminology of enrollment options, but for our conversation, it’s helpful to know that BYOD has evolved to user enrollment. Again, think of what’s going on during the enrollment process. In user enrollment, the employee or student is bringing their own personal device and enrolling their device in Jamf.

There are different reasons why you might choose one option over the other:

Device enrollment fulfills the need to simplify and streamline device setup and helps a new employee get up and running. The employee gets to have that incredible “out-of-box” experience with their new Apple device at work, or the student gets to experience opening up their new iPad for the first time. From the moment the device turns on, they are equipped with the tools they need to be successful. And now with new enhancements (going all the way back to Jamf Pro 10.15), you can create that incredible first impression by personalizing and customizing the “Prestage Panes.” Jamf Pro 10.17 brought us the option to add additional customization to welcome your new student or employee. Now with markdown formatting, options include:

  • Seven sizes of text
  • Bold text
  • Italic text
  • Images (including animated .gifs)
  • YouTube videos
  • Bulleted lists
  • Numbered lists

Let’s not forget about the great tools available to help our employees who wish to enroll their personal devices and access company information. That’s right—with user enrollment, you can invite your employees bringing their own devices into the organization to access company data securely.

Security considerations with BYOD

Inviting personally-owned assets into organizations and our schools can make the calmest of us a little uneasy. But with user enrollment, you can allow these users to access their school and business emails, single sign-on extensions and apply restrictions to safeguard company data. You have the ability to enforce passcodes, attach Wifi security, attach VPN configurations, disable opening documents from managed to unmanaged apps and so much more. Worried that this enrollment option will prevent you from restrictions you would put in place with company or school hardware? User enrollment controls access to sensitive information while also allowing your employees to use the tools they prefer to do their everyday work.

Managed Apple IDs

Finally, let’s talk a moment about the power of Managed Apple IDs. I’m not talking about the Apple IDs you’ve created for your employees by using company email addresses and keeping track of birthdays, security questions and passwords in an Excel spreadsheet. I’m talking about the Managed Apple IDs feature in Apple Business Manager and Apple School Manager. Now, with federated authentication using Microsoft Azure AD, businesses and schools alike can truly empower their users with Managed Apple IDs. Here are only some of the benefits:


  • Two Apple IDs on one device
  • Federated authentication using Microsoft Azure AD
  • Use for contacts, calendars, reminders
  • iWork collaboration


  • 200 GB of free iCloud storage
  • Federated authentication with Microsoft Azure from SIS, or SFTP
  • Shared iPad
  • iCloud Drive, Photos, Safari, Notes, News, Calendar, Reminders, Backup

If you haven’t taken advantage of these tools for your organization yet, please let us know how we can help you take advantage of these incredible tools. And if you’re beginning to plan your next deployment, we’re here to help you choose the right enrollment option for your organization.

If you’re looking for more information about how to create those personalized setup panes for device enrollment, check out our blog here: How to deliver a personalized Apple onboarding experience with Jamf Pro.

Want to see how Jamf can help with your enrollment? Ask for a free trial.

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