Bushel MDM Features Detailed

See the mobile device management (MDM) features available with Bushel.

January 19 2015 by

Bushel brings a key set of MDM features to organizations that couldn’t embrace the technology before. So many tools that are available today require an IT department and significant resources to support a deployment. We wanted to change that landscape with Bushel by building a simple interface around a critical baseline set of Apple management features without some of the technical complexity. Let’s take a look:

Bushel integrates with Apple’s Device Enrollment Program (DEP) to enable zero-touch enrollment. That means that when your organization purchases DEP devices from Apple, you can associate them with your Bushel account in advance and they will automatically enroll when your end user turns on the device for the first time. And for any non-DEP Apple technology you have, we’ve built a simple Open Enrollment process to allow your employees to enroll into Bushel anytime, anywhere.

Bushel integrates with Apple’s Volume Purchase Program (VPP) to make App distribution painless. That means you can purchase Apps centrally and distribute them to employees, whether they own the hardware or you do. And if an employee leaves, or you decide to repurpose a device, you can reclaim and reassign that App to another person in the future. Note: you will need your organization’s DUNS number to setup a VPP account.

Bushel delivers critical security policies to all of the enrolled devices. That means you can ensure all devices interacting with company data are passcode-protected and encrypted. It also means that you can do a selective wipe of any company data that was delivered to an employee’s device without touching other content, like the camera roll or other apps.

Bushel allows you to enter company email settings once and automatically distribute them to all enrolled devices. Sometimes email settings can be hard to keep track of but with Bushel, your users will simply be prompted for their username and password; Bushel will take care of the reset. It means that your employees can gain access to essential work information immediately upon enrolling their devices into Bushel.

It’s important to keep an updated inventory of the technology that your organization has deployed. Bushel makes it easy to see all of your Mac, iPhone and iPad devices enrolled at any given moment. Bushel also integrates with Apple’s Global Service Exchange (GSX), which allows you to see current warranty information of any devices you have enrolled. And now that you have all of this information centrally available, you can export that data to your favorite accounting platform as well.

Sometimes your employees need an assist with their technology while on the go. Now you can remotely action an employee device anytime, anywhere. With Bushel, you can remotely reset a device passcode, lock or wipe a device. And if an employee leaves your organization, you can remotely un-enroll the device, immediately removing any company information that was delivered to that device.

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