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Employee works on a MacBook managed and secured by Jamf and Google
October 19, 2023 by Cristiana Pana

Device and identity management: Jamf and Google at Pennylane

The Jamf and Google partnership facilitates a smooth onboarding experience for many organizations. See how our partnership has enabled Pennylane's swift growth to continue without a hitch.

MDM + EDR with Google + Jamf

Pennylane, an innovative financial management and accounting platform, has embarked on a transformative journey to enhance efficiency, security, and scalability within its rapidly growing organization.

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Choosing Apple to empower employees

One of the pivotal decisions Pennylane made was to offer its employees a choice between PCs, Chromebooks, and Macs. However, with a significant surge in the workforce since 2022, the company found it imperative to centralize device management and reinforce security policies. As a result, Pennylane opted for Apple products, citing confidence in the company's robustness, cost-efficiency, and the added durability and autonomy brought by Apple's Silicon processors. Today, the company boasts a fleet of 350 Macs, with each employee using a Mac.

Security in the spotlight

Given that Pennylane manages its clients' sensitive accounting data, security is of paramount importance. Looking ahead, the company has set its sights on obtaining ISO certification. This commitment to security is reflected in a series of internal initiatives, including stringent password rules, password history tracking, Touch ID, FileVault activation across their device fleet, and remote blocking of Macs in case of loss or theft. All are seamlessly managed through Jamf.

The Jamf and Google partnership facilitates a smooth onboarding experience for new Pennylane employees, a quick and simple new device enrollment experience for the IT team and efficient ongoing user access management that promotes employee productivity and saves time.

Google Workspace excellence managed with Jamf

Google Workspace, a productivity must-have for Pennylane, is effectively managed with the help of Jamf, ensuring a seamless user experience and enhanced security through single sign-on (SSO) authentication. Password management is streamlined with Jamf Connect, simplifying user login with Google.

Jamf simplifies device provisioning and user authentication so Pennylane can offer a Google Workspace experience for Apple users. Google Chrome and Google Drive are directly available in Jamf's Self Service app catalog. Jamf connects with Google Identity through a secure LDAP integration for easy group management and integrates with Chrome Browser Cloud Management, customizing a safe and intuitive browser experience.

Jamf: the right choice for enhanced security

Jamf Connect streamlines user and device provisioning and authentication in partnership with Google as their identity provider. Meanwhile, Jamf Protect provides real-time threat tracking and a security dashboard for monitoring events, enabling granular security controls such as USB port blocking and device reboots. Capable of blocking attacks targeting Macs and mobile devices, it offers clear visibility on device compliance. In addition, Jamf Pro provides centralized deployment of applications, real-time visibility, and fleet inventory. Zero-touch deployment simplifies onboarding, saving valuable time for the IT team.

Pennylane attributes its success in central management and security to effective communication and education. Their strategic decisions regarding device management and security have fortified their position as a leading financial management and accounting platform. By choosing Apple and integrating Jamf's robust solutions, they have empowered their employees, enhanced security, and paved the way for continued growth and excellence.

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Cristiana Pana
Cristiana is a Content Specialist with international background in the security technology industry.
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