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See how iOS 9.3 features help transform learning for students.
January 20, 2016 by Daniel Weber

Enhance the classroom experience with iOS 9.3

Discover how Apple's upcoming iOS release puts a new focus on personalized learning and will provide a better way to transform education through technology.

As excitement builds for the highly anticipated iOS 9.3 release, you may be wondering what it means for your school.

For starters, the upcoming Apple release puts a new focus on personalized learning and will provide a better way to transform education through technology. With iOS 9.3, Apple is improving three key areas in education:

  • Apple ID creation and management
  • Device and app deployment
  • Classroom management

Brand new way to create Apple IDs
Built exclusively for schools, Apple School Manager empowers school administrators to create Managed Apple IDs for students and teachers, instead of requiring them to create their own. Following creation, admins can easily reset passwords and audit accounts—all without impacting the learning experience.  

Shared iPad: Taking personalization to a whole new level 
For schools that choose a shared iPad model, iOS 9.3 offers a personalized experience for each student with the apps, books, and documents they use. Thanks to intelligent caching, teachers can utilize the Photo ID feature of each iPad and assign a shared device to each student in the class. Once class begins, students can locate their iPad—the one with their face on it—and log in to find all of their learning resources.

Also, using Apple School Manager, schools can easily make volume purchases of apps and books. By integrating with an MDM—like the Casper Suite—schools can deploy learning resources to students or staff with only a few short steps.

Tools for better classroom management
iOS 9.3 gives teachers a little extra boost in getting all students ready for learning. With the Classroom app, teachers can:

  • Guide students to the appropriate app
  • View what students are working on with their iPad
  • Reset passwords right from the classroom
  • Share student work by projecting to an Apple TV

Helping schools succeed with Apple
With 14 years of experience in Apple device management, we are excited to help schools create a great learning environment with their Apple devices. These new capabilities put the personalized learning experience first and arm teachers and IT with the tools they need to help students succeed.

To aid in that success, we will fully support iOS 9.3 when it ships later this year. If you are a current customer, the best way to prepare your environment for iOS 9.3 is to ensure you are on the latest version of the Casper Suite, enrolled in Apple's Volume Purchase Program and Device Enrollment Program, and enrolled in the Casper Suite Beta Program so you can test the new functionality once it becomes available. 

If you would like assistance preparing your environment—or are not a current customer but want to learn more—please give us a call or send us an email. Together, we can ensure your school benefits from these new and exciting features on day one.

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