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Jason Ragsdale talks about introducing Macs into a Windows infrastructure at the JAMF Nation User Conference

Introducing Macs into a Windows World

When Macs first began to emerge in the enterprise, IT administrators everywhere collectively cringed. How were they expected to effectively manage devices that users were unpredictably bringing into their environments? Fortunately, this is no longer a new scenario and IT users can boldly go where many have been before, whether their environment is BYO or an employee choice model. Jason Ragsdale, manager/technology specialist for CME Group, shared his subject matter expertise with a diverse audience.

Using some smart automation tactics, CME Group’s IT admins currently use essentially the same process to bring employee choice devices (whether Mac or Windows) into the fold. Through the power of the communication and a user accepted self-support model, Jason’s team is able to tackle a “do more with less” mantra.

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