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David Stoicescu from Mandiant Corporation talks about enterprise Mac security in a Windows infrastructure - JAMF Nation User Conference 2013

Introducing the Casper Suite to the Secure Enterprise: A Beginner’s Guide

Ap·ple·dem·ic / noun: a widespread occurrence of contagious Apple devices in an enterprise or organization.

David Stoicescu, applications administrator at Mandiant Corporation, a company that safeguards against intrusions and hackers, was in the midst of an Appledemic. It started out with a few dozens folks who were requesting hardware. Made sense, these folks had a seemingly legitimate rationale for wanting these machines.

But then it started to spread…quickly, a peppering of Apple devices in their organization turned into several hundred. A full-blown epidemic was taking shape.

Managing licensing via thumb drives and crossed fingers wasn’t cutting it (not to mention the imaging and app deployment headaches), and David began looking for a long-term solution. After finally landing on the Casper Suite, he quickly realized the methods in which he was managing his Windows environment could not only be mirrored on Apple devices, but was actually a simpler more empowering experience for his end-users and IT administrators alike. Win-win.

Cas·per·dote / noun: a substance used to provide immunity.

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