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April 7, 2023 by Laurie Mona

Jamf After Dark: An update on Jamf in Healthcare

Our Jamf After Dark co-hosts Kat Garbis and Sean Rabbitt welcome the Jamf Healthcare team to the podcast to discuss Jamf’s growth in the space, the need for innovative solutions, emerging security efforts, and what to expect at HIMSS 2023.

In this episode of the Jamf After Dark podcast, Kat Garbis, senior channel program manager, and Sean Rabbitt, senior consulting engineer, Identity, welcomed the amazing people that support healthcare at Jamf.

Jamf’s first healthcare related podcast since 2020 digs into the history and evolution of our healthcare solutions, including focus areas and growth, recent use cases, the need for security and predictions for the future.

Adam Mahmud, healthcare senior product marketing manager, notes that Jamf has decades of history of being a leader in the Mac management space, followed by efforts in mobility management, and now security in an evolved landscape that needs new solutions for today’s threats.

Jamf offers expertise in industry workflows in iOS, iPadOS and tvOS, but we know our healthcare customers can’t rely on Jamf alone to meet all of their technical needs. Kari Chase, director of product strategy, healthcare, discusses our focused integrations with healthcare partners, and how we are working together to streamline workflow, improve clinical communications, and increase education and adoption of Apple devices.

Breean Moreno, solution partner manager, provides insights into some of these integrations, including how the combination of Apple, Jamf and solutions partners can come together to help provide the best patient care experience.

Rounding out the discussions, Tim Knox, senior consulting engineer, industry solutions, provides insights into some of the technicalities regarding Jamf product solutions and the specific needs of the healthcare space.

While initially Jamf healthcare solutions were built around how to streamline workflows, today we have security front of mind, looking to integrate with other solutions as a piece of the IT stack in a highly regulated industry.

Listen to the full episode for a freewheeling discussion of:

  • What types of groups are using Jamf in the healthcare space
  • A major healthcare organization’s pandemic-era experience of navigating their remote employees’ need to securely connect to corporate systems
  • The global reach of Jamf in providing solutions to connect and support Apple technology
  • The risks, stakes and impacts of healthcare data breaches
  • Why today’s security needs go beyond Apple’s native functionality
  • How Jamf helps broker a secure yet simple and easy user experience
  • Navigating compliance standards and risk mitigation
  • What visitors to Jamf’s booth at the upcoming HIMSS (Health Care Information and Management Systems Society) conference in Chicago on April 17-21, 2023 can expect

Visit the Jamf After Dark website to find a complete list of past episodes and subscribe to our RSS feed.

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