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JAMF Nation gets a facelift

JAMF Nation gets a facelift

Several new enhancements have been introduced to JAMF Nation to help strengthen the community and create an important foundation for culture, information sharing, and innovation.

JAMF Nation is now over 20,000 members strong — and continues to grow by the minute! In order to ensure that the members of our community continue to have a great experience and stay connected, we have introduced several new enhancements to the platform.

These enhancements are designed to strengthen the community and create an important foundation for culture, information sharing, innovation, integration, and lasting relationships. Here at JAMF Software, we value community above all else. We recognize that we exist because of our community and for our community. The community of Apple IT is growing every day and plays a crucial part in driving the decisions, innovations, and technologies that we pursue.

Our role as an organization does not have a direct impact on the world. Instead we help the IT admins in our community have that impact by contributing to the success of the schools and businesses that they support via streamlined Apple device management.

As the forum for the largest, most active, and passionate community of Apple IT administrators in the world gets a new look, we are pleased to provide you with:

  • A more user-friendly interface
  • Improvements to workflows for posting comments
  • Enhancements that allow for images to be directly uploaded to JAMF Nation without having to host it somewhere else
  • The ability to view scripts inline without having to download them first

Here is what the community is saying about the new look so far.

If you're already a member, we hope you enjoy the improvements and continue to use JAMF Nation to educate and inspire your friends and colleagues in Apple IT. If you're not involved, check it out. It's free and one of the best resources to find discussions, knowledge bases, ideas, job postings, and scripts to help IT admins support Apple devices in the enterprise.

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